• One who views the business better, can do more with it! Enterprise Modeling enables that

  • Is your company experiencing misalignment, low productivity, or struggling to improve? Management Consulting can bring a solution

  • Do you feel your company entangled and leaders not performing? Business Management Coaching can help you and your organization



Knowledge and frameworks to support visualizing and shaping organization and managing practices, to structure and run your business with consistency and efficiency.


Outside perspectives and reflection over structural and behavioral conditions impacting the business, to release leadership potential for solving problems and boosting performance.

Our History

In 17 years of consulting, working on many interesting projects for various business segments and situations, ProBusiness became a reference for organizational development centered on Process Management. BizFit is the new version of it, and now with operation in the USA.

What our Clients say

When we invited Roberto Rinaldi to become a mentor to our group of companies and mainly Florida Christian University, we knew he had this amazing talent to model enterprises and make easier to understand and manage the business. And he did help us to find solutions and opportunities to seek better results and make real improvements in our operation. I always challenge business leaders to open their companies to professionals like Mr. Rinaldi, who can greatly facilitate their job of developing high performance organizations.

Mr. Rinaldi and his team played a key role working with the executives of both the new holding and the parent organizations, to define governance dynamics, operating model with processes, and people structure with due responsibilities, to facilitate conquering and managing new public concessions. We were able to double in size in 4 years and be positioned among the 10 largest infrastructure companies in Brazil, while raising profitability through improved efficiency and control.

Whether you need a complex organizational restructuring, the creation or enhancement of processes, or new strategies for your business to become more efficient and increase profits, Mr. Rinaldi is the right person for the job. He is extremely capable, ethical, and delivers what he promises. I recommend him without reservation for your business.

We hired ProBusiness/ BizFit professional services to identify main problem causes and opportunities to improve cost and quality of technical assistance, provided to hundreds of thousands of units. Logistics, call procedures, organization, and customer relations were analyzed and solutions proposed, with great participation of multiple teams. By the end of the project, millions of dollars in savings could be anticipated and managers were dealing with the operation from a business perspective, helping our division to recover the competitive path.

BizFit team were able in a few weeks to understand the relationship between partners and employees, their expectations, our market, our operation, our processes, and turn all this into a restructuring project that was implemented in a few months. When Mr. Rinaldi showed BizFit’s recommendation to the partners and those involved in the process, most of them with more than 25 years of dedication to the company, they realized it reflected their expectations for the success of our company in the coming decades. It was the unquestionable answer to a problem that had been for long in our agenda without a solution

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