Our History

In 17 years of consulting, working on many interesting projects for various business segments and situations, ProBusiness became a reference for organizational development centered on Process Management. BizFit is the new version of it, taking advantage of all this knowledge and experience working with national and multinational companies in different settings, to meet new market demands with a comprehensive and objective approach.

The BizFit approach focus on leaders that think big, who want to streamline and grow their organization in a sustainable way. It applies well to family businesses willing to professionalize their practices, as some we had the privilege to work for.

What we do

BizFit is an approach to serve business leaders and managers, from profit and non-profit organizations, to be able to generate more sustainable value with their organization, and lead the needed change successfully. It does that via combination of business management coaching and consulting as required, envisioning the client’s organization as a system, with frameworks and perspectives duly integrated and cooperating for results.

The idea is “when you view better you can do more with your business”, setting a collaborative motion of people in charge, considering both the hard and the soft sides of running a company.

Difference between Consulting and Coaching

Management Coaching is significantly different than Management Consulting. In the first case, the devising of a solution and its implementation is performed by the client, yet duly encouraged and held accountable by the Expert Coach. Depending on the client’s needs or approach, Business Management Coaching can be combined with or followed by Management or Operations Consulting, to address specific challenges of working out and/ or deploying. So Coaching develops the potential from within, and Consulting applies knowledge in to bring forth a solution.

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