Results – Value we add

BizFit counts on consultants and partners (like Affirm), as required by each engagement’s profile, to develop and implement the solution deemed for the client organization. BizFit, and previous ProBusiness, has been refining its approach through successful experiences and partnerships, avoiding standardized recipes and relying on sound business principles and practices.

Main problems/ needs addressed are:

Strategic/ Business Perspective:

  • Misalignment over business focus/ operation priorities
  • Difficulty to develop and validate strategies, objectives and plans
  • Struggle to understand or communicate business concepts and challenges
  • Loss of competitiveness/ profitability

Operating Perspective:

  • Members of the team seem unadjusted/ unmotivated on their role
  • Underutilization of IT resources, either by lack of knowledge or preparation
  • Diffused responsibilities, due to work fragmentation
  • Difficulty to define best resource allocation
  • Low productivity/ waste

Managing Perspective:

  • Difficulty to learn with errors and prevent their recurrence
  • Managers act mainly reactively and based on control
  • Confusion of roles among owners/ partners and executives
  • Difficulty to make investment decisions based on facts and strategy
  • Stagnated or falling performance

Main Clients served