Begins with a free initial session, to learn more about the compelling reasons for the engagement and to evaluate expectations. The leader or team involved may feel the work perspective and assess empathy with the BMC Expert. A NDA is formalized for full confidentiality either upfront or once the contract is signed, defining scope, length and intensity, and type of services involved

Done with comprehensive conversations over existing conditions impacting the business, and on aspects of culture and leadership. The idea is to identify key points of attention, and search for possible causes of frustration and inferior business results. With this clarified perspective, the client is oriented to devise drivers to overcome underperformance and to enable a superior state

With awareness gained and the drivers for the desired change distilled, the BMC Expert exercises the client on visioning for the business. This vision implies a consistent projection of the company’s aspiration for growth translated into clear objectives and aligned with the client’s values. The client ends up with a basic roadmap to advance and take the company to where they want it to be

The BMC Expert walks with the client to work on the vision through the roadmap, helping to stay focused, overcome barriers, and to celebrate organizational milestones. The dynamics is based on asking the right questions, resisting limiting beliefs and negative behaviors, and resorting to positive lessons learned. Specific consulting or training to enable the team involved may be found necessary