BizFit Management Consulting uses Enterprise Modeling to see the company through key models of organizational dynamics, whose components have to function integrated and aligned, with clarity and focus. It facilitates understanding, communication and participation of all involved in the business, to pursue efficiency and consistency on the generation of sustainable value.

Models and their Components

The components of each Model represent key aspects for structuring it, to enable performance and to sustain the business. Each component, in turn, is implemented via specific business elements, therefore providing a consistent framework for shaping the company and developing its capacities. As an example, the Business Direction component is composed of business elements Strategic Planning, Stakeholders’ Accountability, and Organizational Culture Management.

Business Model

Describes the logic of how the company creates, delivers and captures value from the market, starting from a strategic vision of the opportunity

Operating Model

Describes the organized structuring of competences and resources in the enterprise’s context, to implement the defined business model

Management Model

Describes how the enterprise stays focused and improves its ability to generate more value, with principles established and sustainability