Services – How we Do it

The services are structured and sized according to the situation and impact desired, and executed in a shared way with the leaders and involved teams. By building together the solution that makes sense to the specific business challenge, efficiency, change, and sustainability are augmented.


  • Diagnostic and Action Plan for generating more sustainable value
  • Consolidation or revision of the Business Model (positioning and strategy)
  • Compatibilization and/ or optimization of the Operating Model (organization and process approach)
  • Systematization or revision of the Managing Model (governance and management practices)

Sustaining Services

  • Effecting of the managing system and/ or of governance (interlinked)
  • Regular supervision of Process Management initiatives (capability)
  • Training: Organization and Leadership for High Performance (executive), Structured and Integrated Management for Results, Reframing & Renewing the Culture to Change the Game

Typical applications

Based on the models produced, for all the organization or just part of it, analysis can be made to understand the problem and explore opportunities, aiming at improving capacity for value generation in the enterprise.

Emphasis on the Operating Model

Operational adjustment/ optimization – development/ revision of comprising processes, considering proper use of available IT and value chain, for increased efficiency on running the defined business.

Organizational structure compatibilization – definition or revision of organization, profiles and roles of functions as required for the enterprise capacities, and aligned with the strategy.

Emphasis on the Managing Model

Systematization of management and/ or governance – definition or revision of these practices in the company, providing consistency to fulfill objectives and continuously improve performance.

Leadership validation – identification of leadership profiles and gaps to set the company guidance, and implementation of programs to recognize and develop leaders as required.