Am I an Entrepreneur?

More than ever we need to develop our ability for entrepreneurship, either because of lack of jobs, for the desire to be owner of our work, or because companies expect to have professionals that make it happen. The first step is to know your profile, whether it is more daring or more marathonist, so as not to make a mistake when choosing the type of business. Whatever the motivation or type of business, it should always meet needs (problems, wants) and / or desires (aspirations, explicit or not), in order to attract interested parties and be sustainable. This is the essence of the business equation: adding value (perceived benefit x cost) to capture value (profit, growth).

Have you found a solution to a market  or niche problem? Or are you convinced that you have an opportunity to do something better or more attractive than what is out there? If so, you are probably already researching this subject, developing ideas and discussing with others to test their acceptance with enthusiasm. Otherwise, and also if you don’t like changes and risks, or don’t have the perseverance and resilience to face barriers, you may be better off as an employee, with more limited responsibilities and less trouble. But it is always time to discover and learn, either by vocation or necessity!